Lee Perry, Utah House of Representatives, District-29

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Thanks for your past support of our true Representative, Lee Perry. Lee brings quality representation to our Utah House of Representatives.

Thanks! Friends of Lee Perry.

If you are a resident of Utah, House of Representatives District 29, we invite you to register and vote for Lee B. Perry.

Lee B. Perry, Candidate for Utah House

Lee B. Perry

Hello Friends,

If you check your browser's address bar, you will notice you are at LeeBPerry-dot-com, one of the two domains I own. That proves you are at one of my two personal web domains.
My official Legislative web-page is a dot-gov address. If you go to that web-page , You will notice it designates a dot-gov web-page in your address bar. Only Government web-pages can use dot-gov.
If you visit me at LeePerryUtah-dot-com you will find the only tab link on any of my websites with a link for donations for any purpose. There are no other donation links anywhere, only on LeePerryUtah.com . Now for the reason for all this:

I recently learned that some members of the Utah House have had their Facebook pages or other website profiles hacked or hijacked. The criminals then used those page formats to create duplicate but phony lookalike websites to solicit donations for deposit into some criminal bank account.

I never have, and never will, ask for political or public service donations to be sent directly to any bank, nor ask for any kind of untraceable money order of any kind. I do have one link for donations on my LeePerryUtah.com Website. I invite any of my friends to personally message me or call me if you ever get a post that you believe did not come from me.

I wish there was a way to prevent this type of scamming behavior but other than open communication lines between citizens and their elected representatives, and practicing knowledgeable internet skills, I don't know how to combat this problem effectively. If you have any better ideas, I would love to hear from you.

These good friends of ours have some very good advice to keep you safer on the Internet

Thanks, Lee

Please visit me at LeePerryUtah.com Thanks!
Or, Visit me on Facebook,
Or, at the Utah House Of Representatives Office.

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